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Just under 24 hours after the conclusion of WrestleMania 34, WWE had an opportunity to knock their “night after” show out of the park. And while the company did have some surprises in store for Raw, it’s hard to claim that the totality of those moments did enough to generate for the lack of heat that was obvious over the course of the three-hour show.

Bobby Lashley received a warm welcome upon his return to WWE, as did a trio of NXT call-ups in Ember Moon, the Authors of Pain and No Way Jose. Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy also came back from health issues, and it was clear that their impact on the show was greater than the aforementioned five superstars combined.

It will be interesting to see what WWE does to counter such a lineup Tuesday night on SmackDown, but unless they put some big-time names on that show, it is going to once again feel like an embarrassment of riches on one brand and a relative lack of star power on the other. Of course, WWE also announced a Superstar Shake-Up next week, so anything can happen.After the Raw commissioner opened the show praising herself for her performance at WrestleMania while fighting off chants from the crowd, she introduced Rousey and claimed they will do great things together now that the WWE machine is behind Rousey. This led the former UFC champion to shake McMahon’s hand and hug her … only to quickly turn and lock her into the armbar submission. McMahon tapped out immediately. The crowd was hot for the entire segment, razzing McMahon and cheering on Rousey. It was rather formulaic and expected but nevertheless successful.Before the match, Bliss cut a promo on Jax’s weight, calling the new champion the real bully and saying she lost only out of compassion for James being injured. Jax cut bliss off, telling her to shut it before introducing Moon. The quick match featured Moon and saw the newcomer hit her Eclipse on the former women’s champ Bliss for the clean win. Solid pop and top-notch performance by Moon in her debut. Strong move by WWE letting her pin Bliss.

Walking up to Raw general manager Kurt Angle alongside Nicholas, Strowman vacated the Raw tag team championship due to a scheduling conflict on the part of Nicholas. The youngster then shouted Strowman’s catch phrase as the crowd popped. Whether you like the move with Nicholas or not, the fact that Strowman gave up the titles is absurd. That’s twice in the last few months champions have just relinquished titles for no good reason.

After complaining that they deserved the tag team titles back, The Bar was told they would get a chance to win them by facing the finalists of a two-week Tag Team Eliminator tournament at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia. Good enough rebound from the Strowman segment. Grade: B

The Revival def. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows via pinfall (Tag Team Eliminator semifinal): A blind tag allows The Revival to get the upper hand on Anderson, surprising him with the Shatter Machine for the clean win. There were multiple beach balls during the match, which was absurd during a good bout. Grade: C+

Jeff Hardy returns, intercontinental title picture murky: New intercontinental champion Seth Rollins put over that every member of The Shield is now a Grand Slam champion, but as Rollins was about it take it further, Finn Bálor interrupted to say that Rollins deserved the title but never beat him for it. As Rollins agreed to make Bálor the No. 1 contender, The Miz’s music hit. He said Rollins did not deserve the title and that beating him made his newborn daughter and wife Maryse cry, in turn making him cry. Rollins said everyone cries when they watch him wrestle, and he may be good but he can’t lace Rollins’ boots. The Miz said Bálor is owed nothing but he deserves a rematch – at Backlash. After challenging Rollins and Bálor to a handicap match, Hardy jumped in to make the save, though the match never happened. Bálor can never successfully challenge anyone, and it didn’t necessarily make sense to have Hardy there.

With tears in her eyes, Paige grabbed a mic after the match and told fans what she has known for a while: She can no longer perform as an in-ring competitor. Paige thanked all her supporters, all the women superstars, and her family — as well as both Daniel Bryan and Edge, who she says have given her hope. Paige thanked the crowd, the same one she made her debut in front of four years ago, and appeared to be saying she was done with WWE complete as the crowd chanted, “This is your house!”

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